Need an adventure On Vancouver Island? Sail Comox, BC, with Compass

Adventure tourism is certainly not a new trend but it is fast becoming a choice for more people these days. One of the fastest growing adventures is sailing the high seas.

Many Europeans, for example, are choosing to visit Canada for their adventure trips because it is considered a safer place than most to eat, drink, sail and explore. Of course there is also the comforting knowledge that they are close to the best care possible should a mishap, well happen.

Compass Adventure, Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, is known as the place for sailing adventures, and mountain trekking, plus every possible jaunt you can imagine. In one day, you can trek a mountain, sail the ocean, relax in a luxurious spa and enjoy dinner at a local vineyard.

Comox Valley is quite affordable compared to many other locations in British Columbia, for example you can get two minutes of a bobsledding thrill elsewhere in BC for $300. Or two hours of sailing on the coast of Comox Valley for about $100.

Introducing Compass Adventure and Discover Comox Valley

Compass Adventure is owned and operated by three Robinson men, not unlike Defoe’s early 17th century novel’s hero Robinson Crusoe, these men seem to live seamlessly with the ocean –  they live, play, work and adventure at sea.

Try the Trimaran (3 hulls boat), a 24-foot sport yacht built in the south of Normandy and considered one of the fastest in the world of adventure performances. These boats are 24 feet long and 20 feet wide and they go 30 knots an hour (nautical miles are about double in kilometres). You actually get to “be one of the crew” on this adventure!

This tour is literally a mini-learning experience and an adventure tour combined with living “the life of luxury”.

These sailing adventures may be synonymous with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but not anymore. Anyone, I mean anyone has the opportunity to go sailing and adventuring with Compass Adventure in Comox Valley, British Columbia.

If you want to take this further? There is the academy to consider.

The coaches/owners practically grew up sailing with the senior coach/owner of the group, their dad. From the age of six years old to now in his twenties he has been on the water adventuring.

Compass Adventures started with 2 catamarans to teach sailing and quickly went from a school of 87 students the first year to 400 students almost right away. They teach kids to adults all the intricacies of sailing, so go check them out here.

Did you know Comox Valley is considered a tiny place when it comes to the sailing world? Yet it has the highest sails of catamarans in Canada. Most likely because it is one of the best sailing venues on the entire Pacific rim – in a year 140,000 catamarans sailed into the area.

Adventures courtesy of Compass Adventure – Images courtesy of Adventurer Janelle Bedard

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