• Salmon farmers top eco-efficient animal protein charts: report

    Salmon farmers’ commitment to transparency is evidence that they are committed to building a sustainable future, says World Wildlife Federation (WWF) By Fabian Dawson SeaWestNews Farmed salmon continues to be one of the most eco-efficient forms of protein production – with the lowest carbon footprint, and lowest feed conversion ratio, says a new report released […]
    • May 14, 2018
  • Mother’s Day Salmon-lunch in the backyard – Jaimie Oliver

    Come Sunday, every single restaurant will be fully booked with waiting lines wrapping around the corners of buildings. Make your Mother’s Day stress-free, with this “Mouth-Watering Fennel Crusted Salmon by Jamie Oliver.” This year’s Mother’s day, save yourself the stress and throw a backyard salmon lunch. It is healthy eating, the dish will please everyone, […]
    • May 11, 2018
  • Whats for lunch? Recipe, Farm-fresh Salmon Salad

    Enjoy this farm-fresh salmon salad, it makes a perfect lunch, dinner, or pack it in a jar for on-the-go picnics. Springtime is the perfect time for clean eating, get ready for warmer weather by prepping your digestive system for the wealth of summertime eating.  eathical.ca Salmon with Spring Greens Salad Ingredients: Step one – Fish […]
    • March 26, 2018
  • What’s for dinner? Comfort Food, Salmon Soul Bowl.

    Most comfort food dishes are served in a bowl, and this salmon soul bowl is a one-pan dish served over leftover rice. This is the perfect meal for when you are out of time, and/or just want some comfort food. By Eathical.ca SeaWestNews Farm-Fresh Salmon Soul Bowl Ingredients: Leftover rice – warmed and set aside […]
    • March 22, 2018
  • Vancouver Island Good, where the living is food

    New campaign to showcase food, fish and everything else grown or made on Vancouver Island By Samantha McLeod SeaWestNews The Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) has launched a new initiative aimed at increasing the strength of the local food economy. Titled ‘Island Good,’ it will run March through mid-September in Country Grocer, Thrifty Foods, 49th […]
    • March 8, 2018
  • Why Germans prefer farmed salmon

    Farmed salmon trumps wild in German taste test When it comes to the German palate, farmed salmon tastes better than wild salmon. Undercurrentnews.com, based in London, reports that the German charity Warentest has investigated and concluded: in the taste test, fresh farmed salmon is clearly ahead of the game. The charity suggested that because most […]
    • February 22, 2018
  • How to fillet a whole fish with Jaimie Oliver’s video

    In the following video, watch the chef teach us how to fillet a whole farmed fish at home. Jaimie Oliver is proud to trace his ingredients right back to its source, including farmed fish. Nothing is as profound as Jaimie’s Food Revolution movement, which puts the entire focus on what our children are being fed […]
    • February 6, 2018
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