• Give a heartfelt gift this Valentine’s Day

    Now that you have captured your mate’s heart, look after it with Lure, Chef Ned Bell’s cookbook featuring sustainable seafood recipes from the West Coast By SeaWestNews If you are looking for a gift from the heart, for the heart, this Valentine’s Day, Lure, a new cookbook featuring sustainable seafood recipes from the West Coast, […]
    • February 9, 2018
  • Chef Ramsay’s Crispy Skin Salmon

    Hell’s salmon – partial to chicken, Ramsay, for his part, will put Crispy Skin Salmon on the menu at his bright, 300-seat Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. “With wild salmon only available for shorter periods during the summer, the restaurant’s grand opening as part of the Caesars Palace casino and resort appears to […]
    • February 2, 2018
  • Salmon and Dill Cream Caribbean Patties

    Originally published on eathical.ca This delicious Salmon and Dill Cream Patties recipe will please everyone even the young uns will enjoy them. Fragrant fillings with creamy cravings satisfied and of course flaky-buttery tart. Most recipes call for 2 tablespoon water but please that never works, flour will dry up the few drops of water so quickly. Use a well-floured […]
    • February 1, 2018
  • Chef Randle’s Maple Chipotle Salmon

    Chef Trevor Randle for the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation and the Chef Instructor at Maple Ridge Secondary School created this lovely recipe for BCSFA. Seafood fans take heart-healthy note and get cooking with this finfish from BC aquaculture: Some seafood may be difficult to work with, but the one that makes life easier, […]
    • February 1, 2018
  • A Christmassy Mussels Recipe

    Every December we look forward to holiday gatherings with our colleagues, friends and family. It is, possibly, the one time of the year where we feel wild abandon in showing appreciation and love to the people in our lives. It is also a time of year when we want something new, interesting and still festive, […]
    • December 6, 2017
  • Variety is key to a healthy life

    Eat salmon and shellfish from accredited farms 2 to 3 times every week. Buy beef, chickens, ducks and other farmed animals from reputable local businesses. Investigate local greenhouses and support the businesses you respect. Buying organic fruits and vegetables from local farms are great for the peoples who can afford them, but local-conventional fruits and […]
    • December 6, 2017
  • Chef Dong: Salmon Chinese Way

    Chef Eugene Dong, owner of Cottage Bistro, the popular blues joint and restaurant on Main Street, said listening to blues music changed his life. Eugene was orphaned at a very young age, he started working by the time he was 14 and has not slowed down since. He said he feels lucky, blessed, and healthy. […]
    • November 11, 2017
  • Boban Kovachevich: Pan Roasted Salmon and Quinoa

    Boban Kovachevich Corporate Chef Executive Hotels and Resorts, Burnaby Fundamental nature: Logic, unquenchable curiosity, and empathy Chef Boban Kovachevich started his culinary training at the age of seventeen and worked as a cook throughout his Culinary Arts schooling. After graduation, he pursued his hunger for knowledge while working at Hotel Adria – the well-known tourist […]
    • November 11, 2017
  • Fundamental nature: Music lover, great food, and contentment

    Eugene Dong – Chef-Owner – Cottage Bistro – 4470 Main Street., Vancouver Chef Eugene has spent close to four decades honing his skills in the business. Originally from China he brought with him a deep respect for seasonal foods and his sense of adventure. In Canada he found his roots in blues music, and his style of […]
    • November 8, 2017
  • Chef Boban Kovachevich – Prawn avocado recipe

    Chef Boban Kovachevich, Corporate Chef of Executive Hotels and Resorts, discovered his culinary identity at the age of seventeen, while working as a cook. At the age of twenty-one he graduated from the Hotel Industry and Tourist Culinary Center in Belgrade, Serbia. After graduation, he worked at Hotel Adria, in the midst of the European […]
    • November 8, 2017