Chef Boban Kovachevich – Prawn avocado recipe

Chef Boban Kovachevich, Corporate Chef of Executive Hotels and Resorts, discovered his culinary identity at the age of seventeen, while working as a cook.

At the age of twenty-one he graduated from the Hotel Industry and Tourist Culinary Center in Belgrade, Serbia. After graduation, he worked at Hotel Adria, in the midst of the European tourist hub by the Adriatic Sea where he learnt everything he could about Mediterranean and Italian cuisines.

To expand his culinary repertoire and gain real life skills Chef Boban moved to Netherlands where he became proficient in French, Moroccan, and Scandinavian cuisines.

His culinary adventure eventually took him to Tel-Aviv, Israel where he was “…inspired by the bravado and complexities of the fusion of European, Israeli, and Egyptian cuisines.” He was nominated as one of the ten best chefs in the Middle East area.

In 1998 Chef Boban moved to Canada bringing with him his unique collection of innovative food and his culinary expertise.

“Moving to Canada proved to be a great career move because it allowed me to showcase my culinary training and travel experiences as well all my hospitality industry talents,” said Chef Boban.

“Fresh, local food is abundant here and I am always learning new things from my team. Between my curiosity and their experiences we create beautiful dishes,” said the chef.

Chef Boban said the most difficult challenge he empathizes with is the language barrier for new Canadians.

“I was always an outsider when I travelled for work so I understand what it’s like encountering new languages and the struggle to catch on quickly. When I moved here nineteen years ago I already spoke five languages. I knew the words for romaine lettuce in those languages but when in the middle of service someone said to bring the romaine lettuce I was confused. Not knowing the word “romaine” in English can be construed as stupidity by short-tempered individuals therefore chefs must have empathy and be calm and understanding in the kitchen.”

Chef Boban consults with his teams when creating new dishes for the five restaurants under his care. The dishes range from Canadian bistro, Italian, French, Indian, and fusions.

Below Chef Boban shares a dish made with local spot prawns that’s inspired by many cultures.

Prawn Avocado with Potato Mille-Feuille

Yield: 1 Serving


3 pc. Potato chips, large slices
15 gr pea shoots
10 ml strawberry dressing
3 ct. spot prawns, cooked
60 gr Avocado Relish


10 ml avocado oil

10 ml balsamic syrup

6 to 7 drops chili oil


1. Bring 300 ml water with two inches of lemongrass, two slices lemon, a pinch of salt and five whole white peppers to a boil. Place the prawns in for three minutes, take the prawns out and put them in a bowl with ice and water. Slice and refrigerate until later.

2. Mix the strawberry dressing with the pea shoots and divide into three parts.

3. Use the avocado relish (see recipe below) in four parts. First place part of the relish in the center of the dinner plate.

4. Place a large potato chip on the plate, or two smaller ones.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 two more times.

6. Use a squeeze bottle for each garnish around the layered food.

Avocado Relish

Yield: 1 LT or (1.1 KG)


3 ct. medium avocado, diced

2 ct. lime juice

½ red pepper, fine diced

½ yellow pepper, fine diced

0.125 kg (1/2 medium) red onion, fine diced

4 green onions, fine sliced

¼ bunch cilantro, chopped

30 ml avocado oil

Seasoning salt to taste

Sugar to taste


1. Prepare all the ingredients and mix them together (do not over mix), cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate until you start assembling the dish.

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