Chef Randle’s Maple Chipotle Salmon

Chef Trevor Randle for the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation and the Chef Instructor at Maple Ridge Secondary School created this lovely recipe for BCSFA.

Seafood fans take heart-healthy note and get cooking with this finfish from BC aquaculture:

Some seafood may be difficult to work with, but the one that makes life easier, and the tummy happy, is the beautiful BC salmon.

Cooking with salmon is rewarding and time saving. The lovely nutrient-packed fats keep the fish moist and the resulting crispy skin is better than any snack.

Maple Chipotle Salmon Recipe

cooked cedar planked salmon with lemon and dill meal

Yield: 4 servings –

Ingredients For the brine:

2 L Cold Water

125 ml Kosher Salt

125 ml Brown Sugar

4 – 8 oz Salmon Filets or 1 – 32oz Salmon Side

Ingredients For the Glaze:

15 ml Chopped Chipotle in Adobe Sauce

30 ml Fresh Lime Juice

45 ml       Maple Syrup

Salt and Pepper to taste

4 Small or 1 Large Cedar Plank


Combine brine ingredients in a casserole dish.

Submerge salmon in the brine and refrigerate 30 – 45 minutes.

While salmon is soaking, combine all glaze ingredients.

Just before you are ready to start cooking, place cedar planks over direct heat to heat them up.

Remove salmon from the brine, pat dry and place on heated cedar planks.

Place salmon on the grill using indirect heat.

Glaze with half of the chipotle maple mixture, close lid and cook at 400F for 5 minutes.

Open the lid, glaze again and cook another 5 minutes. Continue to cook until desired doneness is reached.

Serve with our Brussel sprout and cranberry slaw and roasted B.C. Potatoes.

Note: Brining your salmon will not only help it taste better, but it will also assist with avoiding the unattractive, white albumin from seeping out.


Take a Bite of BC was developed by BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation in partnership with the BC Culinary Arts Association, BC agricultural commodity groups and BC producers. The program started in 2009 with 14 schools participating. Take a Bite of BC is now in 30 schools in the Fraser Valley and Okanagan.


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