New Orleans Salmon

Dreams of summer, seafood recipes, and Salmon New Orleans

As summer approaches – well not for those currently residing in Chicago, here our summer seems a faraway dream – but, for those of you lucky enough to be feeling the warm days coming your way and are already planning vacations or lighter meals, New Orleans cuisine serves as a wonderful inspiration for both. Try this New Orleans Salmon.

As a frequent visitor to Orleans, specifically the French Quarter, I always look forward to eating massive amounts of crawfish. One of my absolutely favorite things to do is go to my favorite restaurant, order crawfish and beer and do nothing but people-watch for a few hours.

However, crawfish is just one small part of the seafood to be had in New Orleans.

Seafood as a whole is an important part of the culinary experiences to be tried. But, New Orleans’ reliance on seafood extends beyond the wonders that are created in the kitchens.

Seafood is one of the most vital part of the New Orleans and Louisiana’s economies with “one out of every 70 jobs in Louisiana” directly related to the industry. This accounts for “an economic impact of $2.4 billion annually for Louisiana.”  The fisheries have been providing jobs for hundreds of years across generations of families making the seafood and the seafood industry invaluable for New Orleans and Louisiana.

This year, unfortunately, I am not lucky enough to be able to make the trip down south so I have been looking for recipes to help ease me through the summer months.

I found this Salmon New Orleans in the video below and wanted to share.

The ingredients were handy –  items I always have in my home, which is always a bonus when finding a new recipe. It was a quick 30-minute meal.

I served mine with steamed jasmine rice and quickly sautéed spinach. It was easy and delicious and has quickly found its way into my regular cooking rotation with and without the added shrimp.

I hope you try it and love it and as much as I do.


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