Mother's Day salmon lunch

Mother’s Day Salmon-lunch in the backyard – Jaimie Oliver

Come Sunday, every single restaurant will be fully booked with waiting lines wrapping around the corners of buildings. Make your Mother’s Day stress-free, with this “Mouth-Watering Fennel Crusted Salmon by Jamie Oliver.”

This year’s Mother’s day, save yourself the stress and throw a backyard salmon lunch. It is healthy eating, the dish will please everyone, and we all know…the best thing to do when it’s sunny in Vancouver is to eat outdoors.

Don’t have a backyard (seriously how many of us do?), take the lunch out on the balcony, or to the neighbourhood park.

Or, do what a lot of others do…open all the windows, spread a checkered tablecloth on the table, plop a mason jar of colourful flowers in the centre, and bring out all the white plates to present this summer-time lunch.

This lunch, by Jaimie Oliver, is perfect for Mother’s Day.

Fresh salmon, raised in BC, is available year-round. Grilled or baked in the oven, finished up with herbs and the pan dripping.

Roasted potatoes, who can resist?

Loads of crisp vegetables and the star-of-everything-fennel, plus Island-fresh yoghurt…yeah.

Use the extra money you saved to buy your mother and even better present.

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