The proliferation of environmental crimes locally and globally has prompted Crime Stoppers to launch a new campaign to collect anonymous tips on illegal fishing, hunting, the sale of animal parts and other crimes that impact BC’s wild habitats.

Environmental violations to report include:

Illegal waste disposal (household or business waste, e.g. dumped on Crown Land)

Unlawful open burning (e.g. dense smoke); excludes backyard burning

The discharge of chemicals or sewage to lakes or rivers

Damage to fish or wildlife habitat

Exceeding the daily bag or catch limit

Use of illegal hunting or fishing gear

Fishing or hunting out of season or in closed areas

Unauthorized collection or sale of fish and wildlife or their parts

Selling animal parts or species at risk, illegal overfishing, and fishing or hunting out of season threaten the very natural resources that are an important source of livelihood for many British Columbians, and are a vital part of our province’s world-renowned eco-system, Crime Stoppers.

Beyond B.C., jurisdictions around the world are also coming to grips with the proliferation of environmental crime internationally which is costing billions of dollars.