Salmon Poke Bowl

Try this Salmon Poke Bowl by Jen at Tastemade

Salmon Poke Bowl recipe by Jen Phanomrat at Tastemade. I find Tastemade is definitely a place for the young and hip to be, here you can find out what is trending and what is not. Truly this is the real world where real people are loving real food.

This girl is young, vibrant and just plain bubbly. She relishes her time in front of the camera and leaves a lasting impression with her dishes.

Jen’s Salmon Poke Bowl dish was a success at my home. Literally like a BC Seafood Festival in a bowl.

Summer is almost here and this dish is just perfect for those long summer days.

Note: Check out T and T for sushi grade salmon. At home ensure you defrost the frozen fish properly, and when handling make sure you use clean hands at all times.

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