A Closer look at BC’s Seafood Industry

A closer look at BC’s seafood industry

“Aquaculture is a big part of our economic diversification,” says Andy Adams, mayor of Campbell River


Millions of Atlantic salmon introduced

to B.C. streams since 1905

More than eight million Atlantic salmon have been intentionally released into B.C. rivers and lakes, beginning more than a century ago.

But history has shown that Atlantic salmon don’t feed well in the Pacific and have never established spawning populations outside their natural range despite transplant programs around the world.


Value of B.C. farm-raised salmon

climbing fast, industry report says

The value of B.C. farmed fish rose 37 per cent between 2013 and 2016, according to a report commissioned by the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association. The wholesale value of B.C. farmed salmon rose to $796 million in 2016, creating 2,966 direct jobs and 2,716 indirect jobs, according to the report prepared by accountants MNP LLP.


Canada’s coast providing wide array

of seafood for Midwest

One of the biggest sources for seafood for the United States are the coastal waters of British Columbia, from where more than 100 sustainable seafood products are shipped throughout Canada and exported.


Premier Horgan fumbles fish farm file

Neither Popham nor Horgan demonstrated a detailed understanding of the Cohen Commission’s findings. Their grasp of the issue seemed similar to most people who have seen a long parade of media reports featuring shock-photographer Alexandra Morton and celebrity activists.


BC’s amazing bounty from the sea

Dozens of international seafood buyers – mostly from Asia – flocked to the picturesque Comox Valley in British Columbia to mix business with pleasure. Their primary purpose was to place orders for BC farmed Atlantic salmon, oysters, clams, mussels, geoduck, and other shellfish, in attempts to meet the seemingly insatiable demand from seafood lovers back home.


Horgan’s tone on salmon farming ‘unsettling’: Marine Harvest

“We all know that Kuterra is up for sale and there’s no buyers, so that is a significant error in judgment if he thinks that putting up Kuterra as the poster child for close containment is doing him any favours.”


Seafood Watch upgrades Atlantic salmon farmed in British Columbia, Canada

“B.C. is the only such region in the world to have this distinction for its entire Atlantic salmon production,”


Asia’s appetite for BC seafood growing

While most in Canada have feasted and reaped the health benefits from British Columbia’s waters, Asia is now waking up quickly to the bounty of the same seas.


Expanding International Markets for B.C.’s Seafood Sector

“People around the world trust and want our world-class B.C. seafood products – that’s why our government has a plan to support our exporters so that they can go out and seize those international opportunities.”


Geoducks: unique B.C. clams a booming business

Geoducks are a $45 million dollar a year business and only so many of the clams can be harvested each year.


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