Aquaculture on British Columbia’s coastlines

British Columbia’s coastline is also ideal for aquaculture because of its climate, water quality and sheltered bays.

The three main groups of species currently cultured in our waters include salmon and other finfish, shellfish, and marine plants.

Three main groups currently cultured are:

Finfish (including salmon), Shellfish and Aquatic plants.

Aquaculture in Canada is a shared responsibility. Fisheries and Oceans Canada work closely with other federal government departments, the provinces and territories, and the aquaculture industry to support sustainability in Canada’s farmed fish and shellfish sectors.

In 2016, farmed fish, shellfish and marine plants were produced on 683 aquaculture operations in BC. The total aquaculture harvest of 103,600 tonnes was down 1.5 per cent from the previous year while the farmgate value rose 52.9 per cent to $776.8 million.