Salmon Farms

Salmon Farm Tour

Would you go on a Salmon Farm tour if you could? BC salmon farmers will welcome you on one of their beautiful farms on the ocean. Tour dates for 2018 will be posted soon.

“The BC Salmon Farmers Association invites members of the public (ages 10+) to join us for a tour of one of our member’s farms. Not only will you get to take a scenic boat ride across the Johnstone Strait past iconic British Columbia scenery and often see wildlife species, but you’ll have the opportunity to visit with farmers and learn more about how our vibrant industry works.”

The boat ride is indeed scenic, you will see lovely little coastline homes climbing up rocky beaches. You will see boats and canoes and kayaks docked, or bobbing along in the ocean.

You may see whales, you will see sea lions, and birds…and just maybe, bears along the waters edge.

Some days the ocean looks like it is spread across a bed of emeralds, and some days the ocean looks like sparkling sapphires.

On the farm you will meet the most caring farmers who will welcome you warmly. These men and women really love what they do. These fishes are in their care for 3 to 4 years, they care for them, feed them, monitor them and will tell you funny stories of their idiosyncrasies.

Ask the farmers about the feed and they will tell you everything about the making of the feed. Ask about sustainability and they will show you sustainability. Ask about the fish and they will tell about their history from smolts – where they started, how they got there, and when they will leave, where they will go – to your table.

Pristine is an overused word, but on a BC salmon farm that is what you will see – pristine waters and glisteningly healthy fish.


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