Fish Cakes and Buns

Fish Cakes and Buns

In Guyana, these Fish Cakes and Buns were made with either local-tropical fresh white fish, or with salted cod. But any fish will do, as long as it is well-seasoned and fried to perfection

This is inspired by my days as a young school girl, when on my way to school in the mornings I would deliberately walk by the early morning street food vendors…I love food, what can I say?

This was long before the food truck phenomenon. These vendors were always men (usually women cooked the food and sent the men off to market to sell the goodies). The men rigged up little carts to the back of their bicycles to fetch and carry their goods, they were always ringed around the main square where the taxis and buses congregated.

The aromas of potato balls, egg balls, roti-wraps, and fishcake and bread would fill the air. There was one particular street vendor whose little glass case, steamy with hot “burgers” would draw me like a bee to honey.

The aromatics in the golden-brown fish cakes were truly mouth-watering. The buns were just-baked and soft, slathered with butter that melted into the bread, he would stuff a freshly buttered bun with a golden fish cake, add a couple of thin slices of cucumbers that warmed to a cooked paleness, he would then add a dollop of hot pepper sauce and hand over the fish cake and bun with a wink and a knowing smile. The first bite, plus the kicky heat of the pepper sauce, fragrant with simmered onions, garlic and limes, always elicited an audible wow from me. The vendor would nod and send me on my way. I think he needed to hear that reaction, it was how he measured their success.

In Guyana, this fish cakes and buns recipe were made with either local tropical fresh white fish, or with salted cod. But any fish will do – I favour fresh salmon – as long as it is well-seasoned and fried to perfection.

Don’t forget to grab your Green Seasoning before prep.

Fish Cakes and Buns

2 cups cooked salmon, skin and bones removed
1 tablespoon Green Seasoning
½ cup panko, or homemade bread crumbs
½ cup mashed potatoes
1 raw egg
1 teaspoon lemon juice
salt to taste
½ cup flour to dust the fish cakes
¼ cup vegetable oil for frying the cakes

For the final presentation:
4 brioche burger buns, buttered
4 lettuce leaves
12 slices cucumbers
Hot sauce to taste

Mix the salmon, seasoning, Panko, potatoes, egg and lemon juice, and salt together. Mix well.
Form into 4 patties (about ½ inch thick). Dust both sides in the flour.
Heat the oil, and fry the patties on both sides until golden brown.
Make your burgers (Fish Cakes and Buns).

Serve with a green salad, and/or French fries, or just enjoy on its own.