• More countries around the world turning to fish farms: UN

    As Canadian salmon farmers push Ottawa for a Federal Aquaculture Act, the UN is also urging countries to implement proper legislation for their fish farming industry By Fabian Dawson SeaWestNews More people than ever before are eating farmed fish and more countries around the world are turning to fish farms as a key source of […]
    • July 9, 2018
  • Wet Lab facility aims to study pathogen transfer

    City of Campbell River has big plans for developing a Salmon Centre of Excellence By SeaWestNews The BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences  (BC CAHS)  supports recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture Advisory Council on Finfish Aquaculture (MAACFA)  report to investigate the risk of pathogen transfer between wild and farmed salmon. “The council recognizes that […]
    • June 29, 2018
  • 17.5 billion meals, 132,600 jobs thanks to salmon farmers

    Farmed salmon has become a staple of healthy and affordable diets around the world By Samantha McLeod SeaWestNews The global salmon farming industry continues to evolve sustainably, producing 17.5 billion meals every year and creating 132,600 jobs in coastal communities around the world, says a new report “Salmon farmers are growing even more healthy meals […]
    • June 20, 2018
  • Chef Ned Bell, an eco-sustainable revolutionary when it comes to fish farming

    A chef’s moral responsibility to the world is to respect people and cultures while teaching about food-sustainability.  Before there were celebrity chefs in Vancouver there were chefs Ned Bell, Rob Feenie and Michael Jacob, the chefs that put Vancouver’s restaurant scene on the map with Lumiere, the multi-awarded Vancouver restaurant. Before Lumiere there was Le […]
    • June 12, 2018
  • Sea Pact funds three new aquaculture projects

    Grants announced on World Oceans Day to drive seafood sustainability Sea Pact, an innovative association of ten leading North American seafood companies working together to drive industry sustainability progress, has announced funding support to three projects advancing aquaculture sustainability globally. Aquaculture now accounts for over 50% of seafood consumed globally, and advances in the management […]
    • June 10, 2018
  • BC’s aquaculture, the most transparent food-industry

    The BC Seafood Festival 2018, a celebration of BC’s aquaculture industry, is fast approaching. There is no better time than right now to highlight this conversation from last year’s seafood festival. Questions and Answers with Jeremy Dunn, then executive director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association. By Samantha McLeod SeaWestNews “The past four years with […]
    • June 7, 2018
  • Sea the future at Seafood Expo workshops

    Salmon farmers have committed $1.5 million in research funds to be utilized in collaborations with government, academic and independent research institutions.  By SeawestNews Fisheries experts will gather at the BC Seafood Expo on Vancouver Island next month to gain a better understanding of the local marine environment and help chart the future of the province’s […]
    • May 30, 2018
  • Conservation groups support sustainable aquaculture

    Farming the sea sustainably increases the security of our food supply, the supply of healthy protein while reducing the ecological footprint, say conservation groups. By SeaWestNews Anti-fish farm groups in BC, trying to kill the sustainable aquaculture industry, want you to believe that all conservation groups are behind their efforts. That is simply not true […]
    • May 28, 2018
  • Dreams of summer, seafood recipes, and Salmon New Orleans

    As summer approaches – well not for those currently residing in Chicago, here our summer seems a faraway dream – but, for those of you lucky enough to be feeling the warm days coming your way and are already planning vacations or lighter meals, New Orleans cuisine serves as a wonderful inspiration for both. Try […]
    • May 26, 2018
  • Raising awareness about salmon farming

    Raising awareness about salmon farming through conversations not confrontations Dozens of people from varying backgrounds on Vancouver Island recently met to have a respectful dialogue on salmon farming off the BC Coast. The participation was organized by Headwaters Community Conversations and the BC Salmon Farmers Association. During the dialogues, participants explored ideas for building sustainable […]
    • May 19, 2018
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