Sea it! British celebs go naked to fight overfishing

British celebrities have posed naked for the Fishlove campaign to end overfishing in Europe’s waters.

British actors and celebrities are shedding their clothes for the cameras as European Union ministers meet in Brussels to determine 2018 fishing quotas.

Among them are Imelda Staunton, Jessie Buckley, Bobby George and Rula Lenska who have posed naked with fish in photos published in the UK’s Sunday Times.

The photos are part of a campaign called Fishlove described as “a series of striking images which is now at the heart of a global movement
to protect our seas from destructive fishing practices.”

The portraits, featuring celebrated individuals with fish, have succeeded in raising significant awareness for campaigns such as Marine Conservation Society, OCEAN2012, Deep Sea Coalition, The End of the Line, and Blue Marine Foundation, the organisers state on their website.

“We believe that fish stocks should be conserved so that people will be able to eat fish for generations to come, and that people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods can continue to do this into the future,” the campaign organisers state.

Florence Keith-Roach, who posed with the European eel, said: “98.4% of the European eel population is already GONE [sic]. Continuing to fish for them is like hunting pandas. EU member states must help save this species from extinction by supporting a ban on eel fishing in European seas.”

British actress and Oscar-nominee Staunton posed with a blonde ray, an example of a species that is caught and discarded as bycatch. “It breaks my heart to think about what we are doing to our seas through overfishing, especially when you realize how easy the solution is,” she said. “All it needs is for our politicians to have the courage to follow the scientific advice, and our seas will spring back to health and life for the benefit of all.”