Seafood Products Export Profile

 Seafood products include primary production products and post-vessel and post-farm processed products.

In 2016, B.C. exported $1.3 billion in seafood products to 80 markets, an increase of 17 per cent in value from 2015.

Top Five Seafood Export Markets: United States $799 million (60 per cent), China $265 million (20 per cent), Japan $106 million (8 per cent), Ukraine $31 million (2 per cent), and Hong Kong $24 million (2 per cent).

The fastest growing export markets of the top 10 markets were Ukraine (95 per cent), South Korea (61 per cent), Germany (51 per cent) and China (31 per cent).

Top Five Seafood Exports: $524 million in farmed Atlantic salmon; $142 million in crabs; $71 million in hake; $47 million in shrimp & prawns; and $45 million in herring.