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Urban hangouts for salmon in the city

Urban Salmon Project was a three-year effort to document where B.C.’s iconic species hang out in the Metro Vancouver area. By SeaWestNews Drawn by a passion for salmon, international biologist, photographer and storyteller Fernando Lessa has documented where B.C.’s iconic…

New Poll – it doesn’t add up

It was revealed on April 30th that one in four British Columbians were opposed to open net pen salmon farming. Problem is, the poll wasn’t all that representative. By Kenny Leslie SeaWestNews I remember from my university days, when studying…

 Plenty of fish in Pacific Northwest says new study

Study backed by anti-salmon farm financiers say there is an abundance of salmon in the Pacific Northwest By SeaWestNews A new study shows the number of pink, chum and sockeye salmon in the Pacific Northwest have been more abundant during…


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