Tag: Pacific salmon

Salmon – who is catching what where

A look by the numbers of last year’s record global Pacific salmon catch By SeaWestNews 651 million – Commercial fishermen caught 651 million Pacific salmon in 2018 – one of the largest catches recorded for an even year, according to…

Urban hangouts for salmon in the city

Urban Salmon Project was a three-year effort to document where B.C.’s iconic species hang out in the Metro Vancouver area. By SeaWestNews Drawn by a passion for salmon, international biologist, photographer and storyteller Fernando Lessa has documented where B.C.’s iconic…

New $142 million fund to enhance B.C. fisheries

Money will be used to leverage local Indigenous monitoring, guardianship programs and community-led habitat restoration efforts By SeaWestNews Ottawa and Victoria will pump $142.85 million over the next five years to support the protection of BC’s wild fisheries and enhance…


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