The Truth About Land Based RAS and Water Usage

Land Based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and Water Usage. A guide to understanding what land based RAS means for the environment.  By Kenny Leslie SeaWestNews A few weeks ago, an article was published discussing the water requirements of the proposed moving of BC’s aquaculture industry to land based farms. It stated that there was a […]

New Poll – it doesn’t add up

It was revealed on April 30th that one in four British Columbians were opposed to open net pen salmon farming. Problem is, the poll wasn’t all that representative. By Kenny Leslie SeaWestNews I remember from my university days, when studying research methods and analysis that any poll, survey or questionnaire had to be representative. The […]
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  BC Seafood Festival to showcase a galaxy of chefs

The BC Seafood Festival, held in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, is from June 8 to 17 By SeaWestNews A growing list of internationally renowned chefs will be celebrating and presenting the best of local seafood during the BC Seafood Festival.  In addition, a range of top restaurants will proudly be presenting BC Seafood on […]
  • by SeaWestNews
  • May 7, 2018

 Iconic UK retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) backs salmon farming

Marks and Spencer (M&S), which operates in 50 countries, has come out in support of sustainable salmon farming By Fabian Dawson SeaWestNews Marks and Spencer, the iconic UK retailer, has come out in support of sustainable salmon farming in a submission to the Scottish parliament’s inquiry into the aquaculture industry. The international, multichannel retailer operating […]
  • by SeaWestNews
  • May 2, 2018

Aquaculture’s popularity growing globally says new report

Global aquaculture market, valued at $170 billion, seen as major driver of the food industry worldwide By Fabian Dawson SeaWestNews The growing market for farmed fish and other aquaculture products underscores its growing popularity around the world as a sustainable solution to counter the decline and depletion of marine resources, says a new report. Aquaculture […]
  • by SeaWestNews
  • April 2, 2018

Coastal communities speak up for BC’s salmon farming industry

Premier John Horgan inundated with letters from the often neglected voices in BC’s coastal communities that depend on salmon farms By Samantha McLeod SeaWestNews Workers in British Columbia’s salmon farming industry have sent hundreds of letters to the office of Premier John Horgan about what the future could hold for a sustainable industry that thousands […]
  • by SeaWestNews
  • April 1, 2018