Global Aquaculture Market Report

Global aquaculture market is predicted to reach USD 209.42 billion (more than 278 billion CAD) in 2021, this is at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2016-2021.

The present global Aquaculture Market research report is a comprehensive overview of the aquaculture industry and its potential for investments within the expected time. This straightforward financial report of the global Aquaculture Market covers the scale from local to international elements of the Aquaculture Market.

The report covered a comprehensive analysis of the global aquaculture market. The in-depth study consisted of the major driving forces, the key restraint for market, and the leading opportunity for the market on the global level.

The report covered the value chain analysis for global aquaculture, along with the model of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis – a business analysis model, written by Michael E. Porter, that helps to explain why different industries are able to sustain different levels of profitability.

The study included the financial shares of the major players in the global aquaculture market. Additionally, the study encompassed different parameters such as:

  • acquisitions & mergers,
  • new culture launch,
  • agreements, partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures
  • culture & regional growth of major participants concerned within the market on the international and regional basis.

The study provided a crucial view on the aquaculture market by segmenting the market by different products, cultures, and regions.

Based on culture, the global aquaculture market is divided into three areas; fresh water, marine water, and brackish water.
The major products covered under the global aquaculture market include carp, molluscs, crustaceans, salmon, trout and other fish.
The regional segmentation includes the major countries and regions such as Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa.

The study provided the detailed company profiles of the global market along with the extensive description of players, that included specifications (such as company overview, financials, recent developments and strategies of various companies).

Key manufacturers included in the study are:

  • Nireus Aquaculture S.A.,
  • Blue Ridge Aquaculture,
  • Cermaq ASA,
  • Cooke Aquaculture Inc.,
  • Tassal Group Ltd.,
  • The Waterbase Limited,
  • Zeal Aqua,
  • Selonda Aquaculture S.A.,
  • Carter & Sons Ltd, and NSF Certification UK Ltd among others.

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