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Unmasking the oceans from COVID-19 plastic pollution

The [MSK] Project is creating an immediate impact by helping the world stop ocean plastic pollution. By SeaWestNews COVID-19 has had a number of unexpected impacts on the environment, curtailing recycling and increasing the use of plastic around the world….

Aquaculture industry moves to tackle plastic pollution in oceans

First aquaculture certification scheme to include specific plastics requirements in the works By Fabian DawsonSeaWestNews The contribution of plastic debris from global aquaculture is not at the same magnitude as that from capture fisheries, but more needs to be done…

A shark fin coup for Canada

Modernised Fisheries Act bans shark finning and the import and export of fins that are not attached to the shark By SeaWestNews Canada has modernised its Fisheries Act to ban the practice of shark finning and the import and export…

Why the herring fishery was allowed in BC this year

‘Majority of the herring are left in the water for our chinook and our southern resident killer whales to eat.’ Guest CommentaryBy Jonathan Wilkinson Our ocean is a complex ecosystem, and Pacific herring are a vital food source for chinook…