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Sustainable salmon from our farm to your table

Mowi farm technician Clara McGhee discusses the crucial business of salmon feeding strategies and how this help to ensure a site remains profitable, environmentally sustainable and capable of producing nutritious fish for consumers around the world. By Clara McGhee We…

Aquaculture makes salmon a “winning protein”

“There is no seafood that can match farmed salmon’s fresh year-round availability, health benefits and value,” – RaboResearch Food and Agribusiness analysis. By Fabian DawsonSeaWestNews Aquaculture has made salmon one of the world’s most popular seafood products contributing to the…

10-year plan for Scotland’s salmon farming industry

‘I can’t think of an industry that had been on the receiving end of so much criticism and been given so little credit for its successes.’ By Seawestnews The Scottish government is to work in tandem with the country’s fish…


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