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Alaska hatchery pink salmon imperil wild stocks

“Growth and survival in North American salmon stocks have been shown to be negatively affected by hatchery-produced pink salmon.” – peer-reviewed study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution “Canadian wild salmon have a long run to Alaska pastures and have…

Urban hangouts for salmon in the city

Urban Salmon Project was a three-year effort to document where B.C.’s iconic species hang out in the Metro Vancouver area. By SeaWestNews Drawn by a passion for salmon, international biologist, photographer and storyteller Fernando Lessa has documented where B.C.’s iconic…

Orcalab spouts “unethical” claims about baby whale’s death, again

For anyone to exploit the recent death of a baby Orca is unconscionable – Pacific Salmon Foundation By SeaWestNews Taking the cue from an American organization, which was recently labelled “unethical”, orca researcher, Paul Spong, is claiming that a baby…


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