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Wild vs Farmed Salmon is not a dilemma

Now that I live in Vancouver, there are certain culinary matters that I am required to have an opinion on. Gluten, fermentation, GMOs, wild vs farmed salmon, for examples. By Taz Bacchus SeaWestNews Our responsibility as consumers is to always…

Why BC salmon farmers don’t want a debate with an activist

Alexandra Morton’s attempt to get a public debate about BC salmon farming, with BC salmon farmers, does not deserve the attention she craves, states grassroots group, BC Aquaculture Awareness By BC Aquaculture Awareness Dear Alexandra Morton, You have recently publicly challenged a…

2,000 SupremeSalmon restaurants planned for China and Taiwan

Marine Harvest, the world’s biggest fish-farmer, outlines massive expansion plan for its SupremeSalmon By Fabian Dawson Seawestnews Marine Harvest, the world’s biggest fish-farmer, plans to open 2,000 all-salmon restaurants in China and Taiwan in the coming years, targeting turnovers of…


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