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“When in doubt, just eat seafood”

A podcast featuring Jacqueline Claudia co-founder and CEO of Love the Wild

By SeaWestNews

Jacqueline Claudia, a coal miner’s daughter from Pennsylvania, always wanted to be a marine biologist.

Today as co-founder and CEO of Love the Wild, she spends much of her time trying to save our oceans, one fish at a time.

Her company’s name, she tells the world, is about using aquaculture products in order to better preserve wild-caught fish.

This week’s edition of Aquademia: The Seafood and Sustainability Podcast features Claudia, who busts some myths about farming the oceans, while sharing her views about wild and farmed seafood and how she got started in the aquaculture industry.

“We need to stop taking the approach of me vs. you and, instead, figure out how we can all work together to make change,” is her constant mantra.

This podcast aims to educate consumers and industry professionals on how seafood is connected with the issues facing our planet, what consumers can do to help, and arm them with the knowledge to make better seafood choices.

You can listen to the podcast here


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