Chef Dawn McRae will be at BC Seafood Expo

The 13th annual BC Seafood Festival is once again being held in the Comox Valley from June 7-16th, 2019. This year’s Expo chef line-up offers a wide range of talents from around the Comox valley.

Chef Dawn McRae is passionate about food and truly believes in the pleasure to be found in enjoying locally grown, quality ingredients. “It’s all about making your event delicious,” is her slogan for Custom Gourmet catering.  

When Chef Dawn McRae attained her Culinary Certification with Red Seal in 2000, she never looked back. Her passion for food and her creative talents were enriched while working at various caterers and restaurants in Vancouver and Victoria. The chef uses her passion and experience to produce sumptuous meals that, not only look beautiful but also, taste wonderful.

Her experience spans over 23 years in the industry, which has allowed her to develop a personal cooking style that is a fusion between West Coast and various international cuisines. Chef McRae enjoys creating new and unique dishes, while playing with different textures, temperatures, flavours and colours, which Comox Valleys’ amazing palette of ingredients provides.

Guests will find globally inspired flavours including, Moroccan, Asian, Indian, African and Mediterranean cuisines, incorporating spices such as ras el hanout, star anise, chimichurri, onion seeds, and lots of fresh herbs. As well, locally produced, fresh organic foods, seafood and artisan products from the Comox Valley are intertwined into most of her dishes.

Custom Gourmet specialises in customised catering for clients who desire sophisticated and creative food in the setting of their choice. Whether it is to be for a large event, a special occasion, an intimate in-home dinner party, or a customised cooking class, the chef will create a personalised menu for you that reflects your needs and wants.

“I love it when a crisp vegetable ‘snaps’ when you break it; the ‘sizzling’ sound of food being tossed into a hot sauté pan, and the way flavour just ‘perks right up’ when the correct amount of seasoning is added. I love everything about food; from the way it grows to the way we prepare it, to the way we eat it; be it with fingers, a fork or a pair of chopsticks.

“It is all about making the event a unique dining experience for you and your guests. That is the Custom Gourmet approach to catering,” – Chef Dawn McRae.

Located midway on the east coast of Vancouver Island, the Comox Valley is well known for its culinary bounty from the farms and sea to table. Rich with festivals and sporting events, stunning alpine to ocean resorts and spas, this region is a place of super natural beauty that offers lush culinary, cultural and outdoor experiences. It is comprised of the communities of Comox, Courtenay and surrounding rural areas in the Comox Valley Regional District.


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