Comox Valley BC Seafood Festival – An Experience for life

Life has its own way of shaping our paths, life will even create road maps for us… for me it came in the form of BC Seafood Festival in Comox Valley.

Visiting BC Seafood Festival in Comox Valley in British Columbia, Canada, was a dream come true for me, this trip not only shaped my future and career plans, this trip propelled me into adulting by inspiring me to make concrete life-goals. 

A place where crystal clear waters mirror deep blue skies, where the sun sparkles on rippling waves, where fresh air rejuvenates the body and soul. British Columbia’s Comox Valley, is possibly one of the most peaceful places in the world.


Comox Valley

Comox is situated on the southern coast of the Comox Peninsula in the Georgia Strait, on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Comox Valley is known for its perennial beach, sea island and fish and shellfish farming.

In this beautiful coastal paradise, seafood is not just food, seafood is an entire culture. Oyster is one of the many seafood that is farmed, processed and immediately air freighted to cities around the world, Fanny Bay Oysters anyone, maybe mussels or geoduck, or fresh farm raised salmon?


Comox Valley is synonym of Seafood culture

The annual British Columbia Seafood and Shellfish Festival or simply BC Seafood Festival is held here every year in June, and it is right here where top chefs, local chefs and chefs from around the world, come to prepare & exhibit their own special seafood recipes. During this 2-week long BC Seafood Festival, people are introduced to the farming of oysters, mussels, prawns, geoduck, salmon and sable fish, and much more.

Organic Farming Market in Comox Valley

In addition to this, BC Seafood Festival introduced us to the organic farming market which is filled with passionate farmers exhibiting their products, here the vendors and farmers encourage all to be environmentally friendly, while being economically sustainable.

Wine & Winery of Comox Valley

Comox Valley is also famous for their wineries. One of the main wineries here is The 40 Knots Estate Winery, which is run by Brenda Hetman-Craig and Lane Robert Craig. Visiting these places were part of BC seafood festival & believe me if you’re wine lover, this place is worth everything.

In addition, the Weaver Distillation House is famous for making wine and vodka from honey. In this 7-days long festival, visitors are attracted to all these specialties of Comox Valley.

The BC Seafood Festival is not only about food and wines and distilleries, a big part of the festival is full of activities like boating, swimming, island tour, oyster and fish farm tour, Wildlife Tours and even sailing.

Comox, on Vancouver Island, welcomed me on day one with light raindrops from pure white clouds, like a blessing from the skies. By the time I had checked into my hotel room, I was reeling from the stunning views of the phenomenal nature scenes everywhere.

I opened my eyes, conquered my fears, and opened my mind to new experiences, new foods.

The very next day I was boarding a vessel at fisherman’s wharf, leaving the harbour behind, riding the waves towards Hollywood Oyster farm. It was an incredible journey, especially for me. Incredible because I used to be deathly afraid of deep waters, but throughout that journey, I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the pristine blue sea.

In Delhi, India, I live on a mostly vegetarian diet at home, and eating out I tend to stick to chicken and goat meat when I must. Up until my visit to Comox Valley I had only eaten frozen fish and prawns…not because I didn’t want to, but because I have always lived in a landlocked city.

Visiting and eating in Comox I fell in love with, salmon and sable fish, Humboldt squid, crab, wild meat, Shrimps & Grits, Pork Jowl, and so many new flavours and foods I could not have ever imagined.

One week in Comox Valley, British Columbia, changed my life for the better, forever.

I look forward to the 2019  festival where I plan on sampling every dish created by the talented chefs, and living every adventure on offer to the fullest.


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