Comox Valley’s very own Chef Ronald St. Pierre

Chef Ronald St. Pierre grew up in a small town, east of Montreal, in the middle of farm lands. His first position was with Relais & Château Resort Les Trois Tillieuls.  He moved to Vancouver in 1982 and, like so many, fell in love with the west coast. In 1990, the chef and his wife Tricia moved to the Comox Valley where by 2008 they opened Locals-Food from the Heart of the Island, a restaurant showcasing regional food production. Chef St. Pierre and Trudy are passionate locavores. Since opening in 2008, Locals has set a new standard for the Comox Valley’s renowned food culture.

Locals restaurant is committed to closing the producer-consumer gap by putting a name to all their local suppliers, and identifying them and their philosophies on our menus.

The chef is a tremendous advocate of British Columbia’s products, including salmon, clams, prawns, oysters and mussels, his menu showcases local foods from Vancouver Island farmers and producers.

“Vancouver Island has a plentiful selection of fresh seafood, it’s incredible. For me to be serving that to the people that come and visit Vancouver Island is just a grand pleasure,” said Chef Ronald St. Pierre.

Locally grown and produced foods are fresh, healthy and great for the environment and community. In Comox Valley people are willing to make the little extra effort to source food that are grown and produced locally.

“At Locals Restaurant, we are about celebrating the uniqueness of the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island, and we hold a strong belief in environmental sustainability, and quality. We are dedicated to providing a quality dining experience through our strong connections with local food producers in order to provide quality products, offered with heartfelt service.” – Locals Restaurant.

Everyone who works at Locals is passionate about the quality of life in the Comox Valley. All team members are recognized and valued for their distinct contributions, and each and every one of them are integral to Locals philosophy and operation.

 The chef wears many hats as an ambassador to the area, along with his active involvement with promoting local businesses, he is also Chair of the Board of the North Vancouver Island Chefs Association, and very passionately involved in Comox Valley Tourism.

Locals Restaurant was also selected finalists in 3 categories of the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce awards. The categories were: Business Leader of the Year (2018), Family First Business of the Year (2018), and Business of the Year (2018). Locals was the proud recipient of the Business of the Year award.

Meet the chef at this year’s 2019 B.C. Seafood Expo being held on June 12 and 13

in Comox Valley, B.C., Canada.

Visit the restaurant at 1760 Riverside Lane, Courtenay, British Columbia.

For reservations call: 1.250.338.6493.

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