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It’s in aquaculture’s best interest to protect the ocean

Letter:   “If people wish to continue consuming the healthy proteins and omega oils found in salmon, the reality is that those salmon will have to be farmed, and farmed in the ocean, in their natural environment”  Dylan Hynes Sustainable aquaculture…

Science continues to show B.C. salmon farms are safe

BC salmon are raised with passion and good food as well as the latest in science and technology. Healthy, well-informed, public debate based on facts, not fear, is a cornerstone of how all industry operates in B.C., and that’s a…

Salmon farm smear campaign sinks

After more than a decade of U.S.-funded attacks targeted exclusively on B.C.’s salmon farm industry, the tide is finally turning. The fake-news tactics of hired protesters have become so obvious that even some news media aren’t biting any more.

Time to reel in Lana Popham’s ministry for fish file review

B.C. Agriculture Minister Lana Popham was accused of intimidation on Monday for her handling of a letter to a fish farm.

Recreational Fishing (Sport Fishing)

Sport fishing occurs both in tidal and non-tidal (fresh) waters throughout the province of British Columbia. British Columbia has a reputation for being one of the greatest saltwater fishing destinations in the world. The most important recreational fishing species are…

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fish farming done responsibly

“I see land-based salmon farming as a complement to ocean farming, not a replacement’