The 10 most awesome gifts from the ocean

This week you have just a few last moments to find those special tokens of appreciation for the brilliant people in your life. Why not celebrate with some of our beautiful British Columbia’s gifts from the ocean?

Without further ado, here are a few hints…

Ned Bell’s Lure Cookbook

“Eating sustainable seafood is about opening your mind (and fridge) to a vast array of fish and shellfish that you might not have considered before—and the Pacific Coast is blessed with an abundance of wild species.”

Wooden First Nations Gift box from St Jean’s Cannery

Celebrate our heritage and show your knowledge of our First Nations prolific arts and cultures with this decorated box of goodies from the ocean.

Tins of chinook salmon

CoastWise’s certified organic cannery processes organically certified King (Chinook) Salmon are raised off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the pristine waters of the North Pacific Ocean.

Hardey Bouys Smoked Salmon

Possibly the most loved salmon on the market, they come in many packages and flavours and can be eaten anywhere, anytime.

Fanny Bay Oysters Bar gift certificates

Vancouver’s only tide to table, Fanny Bay Oyster Bar and Shellfish market is located in the heart of Vancouver’s stadium district at 762 Cambie Street. Brunch with friends, lunch with associate, or stop by for pre-and post-game drinks and food.

Coastal Wilderness Adventures

Ride the waves of our ocean, on a date or with a group of old (or new friends), on a sports fishing tour.

Stainless Steel Ocean Wise Travel Mug

Who doesn’t need a travel mug Vancouver? With our many coffee shops and cafes, tea shops and juice bars a travel mug is as necessary as an umbrella in our fair city.

Seafood cooking classes

We are at a time in our history where people are opting for sustainable and healthier ocean-farmed foods as they move away from heavier land-farmed proteins. This is the perfect gift for those conscientious cooks and chefs in your life.

Stuffed salmon dinners (Costco)

Too busy to cook at home? Then these dinners are perfect for those evenings when time is of the essence. Even better, these dinners make the most appreciated gifts for seniors in your life. No need to think, plan and cook, they can just warm it in the oven and enjoy a healthy nutritious meal.

Show your love with food for life.