These guys want to get fresh with you

By Fabian Dawson

Seawest News

In pursuit of app-iness, Joseph Lee and Robert Kirstiuk want to get fresh with you.

Now before you go about getting ideas, let’s be clear that we are talking about B.C. seafood.

The dynamic duo are the founders of the app Coastline Market, which connects fishers and aquaculture farmers with local restaurants.

The app ensures fresh off the boat and farmed seafood for chefs and allows for fishers and farmers to keep a bigger slice of the profits.

“We trim down the supply chain, and help increase fishers’ and harvesters’ income while providing great value to restaurants,” said co-founder Joseph Lee (R).

Lee said studies show that seafood changes hands up to six times before ending up on the plate.

“At every point a slice of the profit is lessened while middlemen make money,” said, Lee, a computer science and business student at the University of British Columbia

Lee said the Coastline Market is now connected to over 70 restaurants and the chefs know

where and how their seafood was harvested, and by whom.

“Our app provides unbeatable quality, wholesale-level seafood consistency and full traceability

to track where your seafood was caught, how it was caught and who caught it,” added Lee.