BC salmon and shellfish are Made In Canada products

Did you know that the second largest seafood consumption is farmed salmon?

Members of BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA) grows the world’s most desired fish.

Salmon raising, from inception to consumption, follows the same process as shellfish – spawned from brood stock, grown in controlled hatcheries and then transferred to the ocean until they’ve reached market size.

Members of the BC Shellfish Growers Association (BCSGA) grow and harvest some of the best shellfish this side of the pacific. Fanny Bay oysters, for example, is world renowned.

The life of an oyster from inception to consumption is simple and straightforward. It begins with oyster larvae – from spawning adult brood-stock – that is produced in controlled hatchery facilities. In a few weeks, they transform into tiny seeds, which are baby oysters. Once the seed reaches an appropriate size – when the seed is ready for the grow-out phase – it is transferred to the ocean where it is reared to market size.

Any food grown or farmed with the Made In Canada stamp is an assurance that the food was raised according to strict rules and regulations set out by our government to ensure Canadians are getting the healthiest foods possible.