Chef Tony Su

From Shanghai to BC Seafood Fest, meet Chef Tony Su

Chef Tony Su brings more than 25 years’ experience to his role as Chinese Executive Chef for Cordis Shanghai, Hongqiao which is the new upscale hotel of the Langham Hospitality in Shanghai.

As a Shanghainese, Chef Tony Su brings authentic Shanghai cuisine to Xi Wei which unveils the memory of old Shanghai.

“To taste a country’s signature dishes is to interpret that country’s history and culture” the chef said.

In addition, Chef Su conveys his knowledge of both Shanghai and Cantonese cuisine in all of his menu and specialty dishes.

Prior to joining Cordis, Shanghai, Hongqiao, Chef Su was the Chinese Executive Chef at The Langham, Xintiandi and the Chinese Chef at Grand Hyatt and Four Seasons Hotels in Shanghai.

Chef Su’s rich experience and natural talent enabled him to develop a menu which he calls his “green dishes” using less salt, oil and no food additives, all of which are ingredients that are normally found in Chinese cooking.

Tony spends his free time visiting galleries and art exhibitions to gain inspiration for his cuisine, a passion that he also inspires his food presentation and it is often said that his creations are works of art.



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