Recreational Fishing (Sport Fishing)

Sport fishing occurs both in tidal and non-tidal (fresh) waters throughout the province of British Columbia.

British Columbia has a reputation for being one of the greatest saltwater fishing destinations in the world. The most important recreational fishing species are Pacific salmon and halibut, but bottom fish and shellfish are also harvested. There is also a growing interest in albacore tuna.

A variety of fishing opportunities are available, from shoreline fishing to staying at world class lodges.

The recreational fishery and its businesses are part of the broader outdoor recreational and tourism sectors. They are major contributors to local economies, benefiting those that provide direct fishing services and service providers such as transportation and accommodation providers. Approximately 300,000 licence holders participate in the tidal recreational fishing opportunities provided in British Columbia.

People living and visiting coastal British Columbia also have a unique opportunity to harvest clams, mussels and oysters almost year round. But before you harvest you must check to ensure the areas you wish to dig for clams and collect oysters are open for harvesting. – source BC govt.