BC seafood festival

Plans for the BC Seafood Festival?

In just a little over two weeks I will be attending the BC Seafood Festival which is being held in Comox Valley, Vancouver Island from June 8th to June 17th.

By Ana Roman


I am beyond excited for a few reasons. Although I have visited Canada many times I have never been to Vancouver, well I have never visited British Columbia at all, so there is the excitement of just being in the city of Vancouver and experiencing the beauty of it for the first time. And then there is Comox Valley, Vancouver Island. Breathtaking. That’s all I think each time I look at photos of the area.

The other part of the excitement for me, of course, is the BC Seafood Festival, the largest seafood festival in western Canada. As someone who loves to cook and eat seafood, I am especially looking forward to the Seafood & Wine Pairing. The website lists this event as both “informative and flavourful.”

The other events I am looking forward to, are three of the tours.

The Dock Days Tour which offers a learning experience of the “commercial fishing industry.”

The BC Salmon Farm Tour is the second of the three tours, this one promises the “opportunity to see a working farm and chat with the staff about operations,” along with enjoying a scenic boat ride and maybe seeing some wildlife.

The two tours are part and parcel of my desire to always know where my food comes from and since they both offer me the opportunity to see firsthand how seafood is caught, and farmed, I could not resist.

The last tour, the Half Day Wildlife Tour, is strictly for fun and relaxation. I think this tour deserves to be left for one of my last days at the festival to truly appreciate the “cruise along the inlets, bays and tidal rapids in search of large marine animals.”

The rest of the time I will spend just wandering both the festival and the area and soaking everything as I can.

Let the countdown begin, only 14 days to go before my visit to one of the best festivals in BC, Canada.

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