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Cooke Aquaculture wins award for innovation and growth

Cooke Aquaculture wins Private Business Growth Award for innovation and growth

From left to right: Kevin Ladner, CEO and Executive Partner at Grant Thornton LLP; Glenn Cooke, CEO of Cooke Aquaculture Inc.; and Perrin Beatty, President and CEO at The Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

By SeaWestNews

Cooke Aquaculture, a global seafood leader, has won the Private Business Growth Award, which recognizes outstanding successes in strategic, sustainable and holistic growth.

Cooke Aquaculture was established in 1985, beginning with a single marine cage site containing 5,000 salmon. Four years later, the Cooke family realized that being innovative was essential to competing worldwide, they then embarked on an impressive plan for growth and strategic development. The business has since flourished and become a leader in the global seafood industry.

Outside Canada, the company has farming operations across the United States, Chile, Spain, Scotland, Argentina, and Uruguay, along with corporate offiices in France, China and Japan.

The Private Business Growth Award recognizes Canadian-owned, privately-held businesses that have been in business a minimum of three years, have $5 million or more in revenues and have demonstrated outstanding strategic growth. The Private Business Growth Award is the result of a partnership between The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Grant Thornton and 2018 marks the sixth year this award has recognized and celebrated the successful growth of private businesses in Canada.

“My sincere congratulations goes to Cooke Aquaculture, a Canadian leader of the seafood industry,” said Kevin Ladner, CEO and Executive Partner, Grant Thornton.

“It’s an honour to recognize Cooke Aquaculture with the Private Business Growth Award, as they exemplify a business with a tenacious pursuit for innovation and growth.”

“By combining innovation, sustainability and high standards into their everyday practices, Cooke Aquaculture provides the very best the ocean has to offer,” said the Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

“Their pursuit of economic growth while ensuring they protect the environmental integrity of our Canadian waters is one of the many reasons they make an exceptional choice for this year’s Private Growth Award.”

Cooke Aquaculture and fellow Top 10 Private Business Growth Award Finalists were recognized at a gala held at The Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto on November 28.


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