BCSFA and Brown’s Bay Packing Company

The BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA )is dedicated to driving communication and cooperation within the salmon farming sector, and is the link between the industry and government.

BCSFA’s members are an important part of keeping British Columbia’s local coastal economy strong and diverse.

Members share a commitment to high operational standards, transparency and continuous development and improvement. The members have always been, and will continue to be the best community partners they can be.

Their membership is made up of B.C.’s proud salmon farmers, as well as the supply and service companies that support them. It’s a strong group that together – and with the assistance of the BCSFA, helps to educate the public, engage with government and communities, and continue in the positive development of the industry as a whole.

Stewards of customers’ harvest

Brown’s Bay Packing Company is a federally licensed and provincially permitted fish processing company. They have been safely and efficiently processing farm raised salmon in the coastal community of Campbell River since 1989. Their services include custom seafood processing.

Their commitment to technical innovation and careful handling throughout their operation is unparalleled.

“While fish processing is our business, building a loyal, local team and being a leading supporter of our thriving community has been our focus. Providing employment for hundreds of people over the years, we are known for taking care of our employees –we understand that our company will only do well if our people are treated well.” Brown’s Bay Packing Company.

In the community, Brown’s Bay Packing Company is known for donating time and resources to local charities, sporting teams or schools. They continue to support their local community by ensuring their supply chain includes local Campbell River businesses at every opportunity.

Environment is a lifelong commitment  

“We live, work and play in the area where our business is located. We raise our families here and care deeply about the marine environment. Operating an industrial business adjacent to marine environment requires attention to detail and risk management. We have a proven track record of compliance with all government ministries and remain committed to a science-based approach to environmental management.”