Ocean To Table

Ocean to Table video series demystifies farmed seafood

Ocean to Table: stories of farming, food, and conservation

BY: Aquarium Of the Pacific

The nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific’s Seafood for the Future program, NOAA’s University of Southern California (USC) Sea Grant, and partners have released a new video series on sustainable seafood called Ocean to Table: Stories of Food, Farming, and Conservation. The Aquarium-led production features seafood farmers, scientists, and chefs from around the country sharing their efforts in producing and serving sustainable seafood. Each video showcases a different ocean farm with locally renowned chefs that host lively conversations with the farmer and aquaculture scientists over seafood from the featured farms.

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 California – Hog Island Oyster Company (Oysters)

Featuring: Terry Sawyer (Hog Island Oyster Company), John Finger (Hog Island Oyster Company), Sarah Lummis (University of California, Santa Cruz), Sarah Newkirk (The Nature Conservancy), and Chef Stuart Brioza (State Bird Provisions & The Progress). Narrated by Barton Seaver.

In this episode the crew travel to Tomales Bay in California to meet farmers Terry Sawyer and John Finger at Hog Island Oyster Company. They are joined by Chef Stuart Brioza from State Bird Provisions & The Progress, and scientists Sarah Lummis from UC Santa Cruz and Sarah Newkirk from The Nature Conservancy to talk about their collaborative efforts to research the relationship between eelgrass and oyster farms. Brioza, Sawyer, and John also share a simple recipe for grilled oysters.

 Hawaii – Blue Ocean Mariculture (Kanpachi)

Featuring: Tyler Korte (Blue Ocean Mariculture), James Morris (NOAA National Ocean Service), and Chef Colin Hazama (The Royal Hawaiian). Narrated by Barton Seaver.

In this segment, the crew travel to the Big Island of Hawaii to explore the only offshore fish farm in the U.S.—Blue Ocean Mariculture. Farmer Tyler joins James and Colin talk about aquaculture’s role in Hawaiian culture and marine finfish farming’s role in conservation. Tyler also shares his favorite kanpachi poke recipe.

Maine – Ocean Approved (Seaweed)

Featuring: Briana Warner (Ocean Approved), Sebastian Belle (Maine Aquaculture Association), and Chef Barton Seaver (Chef/Author). Narrated by Barton Seaver.

In this segment, the crew are joined by Briana Warner from Ocean Approved at Island Creek Oyster: The Shop in Portland, Maine. She is joined by Sebastian and Barton to discuss the important role that responsibly farmed seafood can play in local communities. Bri also shares a recipe for her favorite seaweed smoothie.

 South Carolina – Lady’s Island Oyster Inc. (Oysters)

Featuring: Frank Roberts (Lady’s Island Oyster Inc.), Julie Davis (South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium), and Chef John Marshall (Old Bull Tavern). Narrated by Barton Seaver.

In this segment, the crew travel to Lady’s Island Oyster Inc in South Carolina. Frank and Julie are joined by their good friend, Chef John Marshall to talk about farming oysters to meet specific culinary tastes and why it can be good for the environment. They also share tips for shucking oysters.

Maine – Bangs Island Mussels (Mussels)

Featuring: Matt Moretti (Bangs Island Mussels), Halley Froehlich (University of California, Santa Barbara), and Chef Barton Seaver (Chef/Author). Narrated by Barton Seaver.

In this segment, Chef Barton Seaver joins farmer Matt Moretti and Halley Froehlich to talk about the community and social elements of marine aquaculture and its role in local economies. Seaver and Froehlich also share some pro tips to buy and prepare mussels for a quick meal for cooking novices and pros.


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