Chef Chance Wilke

Chef Chance Wilke takes a chance at the BC Seafood Fest

Chef Chance Wilke knew from a young age that he was going to be a professional chef. His first food memory was at the age of 2 when he helped his mom fry an egg, and that fondness for the ‘culinary world’ was the beginning of his ongoing love for experimenting and creating amazing food flavours.

Where culinary school had taught Chef Chance Wilke the basics, his apprenticeship introduced him to new and exciting techniques that he beautifully incorporates into Avenue Bistro’s delightful menus and daily fresh sheets.

Chef Wilke’s career highlights have included Head Chef at a gastro pub and wine bar, working as an Executive Sous Chef at a high end eco-tourism resort, as well as providing kitchen leadership for both a newly opened small tapas bar and a freshly rebranded barbeque brewhouse. But, when it came to putting down roots and expanding his family, Chef Wilke and his wife knew that they wanted to live in the Comox Valley.

Chef Wilke currently works as Head Chef for the stunning Avenue Bistro, where his creative culinary skills and mentoring leadership style have been instrumental in providing menu creations that continually delight guests.

Check him out at the BC Seafood Festival in Comox Valley.


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