Chef Bauby

NIC’s Chef Bauby will be at the BC Seafood Festival

Chef Bauby spent his early twenties exploring Morocco, the Canary Islands, the Cabo Verde Islands, the Ivory Coast, the Congo, and Sierra Leone, before coming to Canada in 1991 to grow his career as a chef and an instructor.

With 30 years of experience that includes catering for President Bill Clinton, coaching students to win national championships, and leading a gold-winning team at the Canadian Culinary Federation, Chef Xavier Bauby’s passion for food began as a child.

At 16, he began a culinary apprenticeship in a French bistro and later accepted an apprenticeship under Chef Jean Marie Amat at Chateaux St. James.

Today, Chef Xavier Bauby is recognized as one of the best chefs at North Island College where he teaches what he is most passionate about…food and sustainability.

See the chef create at the BC Seafood Festival in Comox Valley. 


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