Chef Giuseppe (Pino) Posteraro

Pino Posteraro, Cioppino’s, é buono chef at the BC Seafood fest!

Chef Giuseppe (Pino) Posteraro was born in Lago, Italy, on March 22, 1964. At the age of twelve, he came to Canada to visit his brother not realizing at the time that later in his life he would be making Canada his permanent home.

After beginning training as a medical student, Chef Pino changed track and decided to come to Canada to work for his brother in his restaurant.

Chef Pino later returned to Europe to study with Armando Zanetti, who became his mentor. Before returning to Canada he worked in several well-known restaurants in Europe and Singapore.

In 1999, Pino decided it was time to venture out on his own. He opened Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill in Yaletown in September of that year, providing Vancouver with an outstanding Italian-Mediterranean restaurant which has gained many awards for its food and wine. Year after year, it is classed as one of Vancouver’s top fine dining restaurants.

Meet the chef at the BC Seafood Festival in Comox Valley.


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