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A hard place to get to but a good place to be, say craftsman salmon farmers in British Columbia

 By SeaWest News

For over a decade now, Steve Munro has been raising salmon in the pristine waters of Nootka Sound in British Columbia.

“Being a salmon farmer was a convenience at first, I needed a job…If I had known how fulfilling the work was, I would have gone to school and pursued a career in aquaculture years ago,” says the Skuna Bay craftsman farmer.

Munro says the best thing about being a salmon farmer is having the opportunity of working outdoors in some of the best waters in the world, while growing a viable resource for people to eat.

So how does he eat what he grows?

“All ways… raw, poached, barbequed, open fire, and baked.  There isn’t any way I wouldn’t eat salmon!” says Munro.

For Mike Cooper, another Skuna Bay craftsman farmer, the west coast of Canada is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

“it’s amazing that I get to call it my place of work,” says Cooper.

“I am most proud about what I have chosen to do for a living. Being a part of the Skuna Bay team brings me great pride…working amongst some of the most passionate and talented farmers in the industry and seeing the reactions we get from the salmon we raise makes this job very easy to love,” says Cooper.

His favourite way to eat salmon?  Cajun spice grilled with a little butter until blackened.

Watch this video to see the Skuna Bay craftsman salmon farmers story.